Making sense through design.

Noel Lago is a multidisciplinary designer helping companies to conceptualize, create value & communicate through beautiful design solutions. Currently working at Tadaima Studio.

Branding·Logo Design

El Jefe.Food stories from around the world in Madrid's new trendy restaurant.

How to travel sitting? How to travel through the flavor? The briefing was complex. That is why I opted for an identity that changed, that could be adjusted to the type of cuisine of each season. The result is a logo that adapts to any situation, which does not steal prominence from the environment or cooked dishes. A different identity for a different concept of cuisine.

UX·UI design

Mirai. Designing the letter of presentation of a consulting company with international projection.

Mirai Advisory needed a refreshing new design that lived up to its international aspirations. With offices in New York, Mexico City, Madrid and Santiago de Chile, Mirai works for renowned companies, providing consulting and technological support. For all this, an informative, clean and intuitive website becomes vital. I truly believe your design should reflect your company. A bad design does not speak well of your processes or your results. A good design, yes.

Branding·Logo Design

ALM Spain 2019.An identity to give visibility to the most important conference on business risk in Spain.

One of the most important events on risk study in finance needed an identity. The most relevant companies in the economic environment of Spain and the world would be there. To create an environment that encompasses the foundations of calm, control and finance, it was decided to create a brand with multiple graphic applications.

Icon Design

K Icons.Work in progress.


I create visual experiences that seek to provoke concrete reactions. Sometimes a design aspires to surprise, other to relax or simply to go unnoticed. I truly belive a good designer must know which buttons to press in order to achive that expected effect. My mission is to achieve that kind of knowledge.

I'm not just the guy who knows how the program works. I do not just embellish interfaces. If we work together it is because I recognize the value of your contributions and you recognize the value of mine.

I am constantly looking for challenges that involves an interesting evolution of my career. I don't pretend to work for the largest or most powerful company in the world. I just want to help and feel useful through my work and make it a way of living.

The good thing about working in the design industry is that it constantly forces you to be learning. That makes it attractive and little boring. Right now I am reading about design systems, micro-interactions and 3D design.

Right now a personal project is around my head. Unite philosophy, literature and design. For now it's just an idea. But who knows? I will publish the process as soon as I have something more tangible.

I was born and raised in a small town in Galicia by the sea. So I really enjoy nature and solitude. It is the perfect context for reading, writing and thinking. Working remotely allows me to fulfill these three purposes. So I only contemplate this possibility for the future.

You can check my curriculum here: My CV


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